California soda warning legislation dies in committee.

  • Sugar continues to be the target of public health scrutiny, particularly as excess consumption is linked to adverse health effects.  Government agencies and legislators alike have been working to take appropriate actions to incentivize moderation in sugar intake.
  • Earlier this year, California legislators introduced a bill to require warning labels on sweetened non-alcoholic beverages, indicating that the consumption of beverages with added sugars contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.  The bill has failed to advance past a vote in the Senate Health Committee; it is effectively dead during this legislative session.
  • Although this particular California legislative attempt may have failed, we anticipate that such efforts are far from over.  In fact, New York legislators introduced a similar bill earlier this year; that bill is still actively advancing through the legislative process.  It remains to be seen whether legislative action to address sugar consumption is a viable public health strategy.