Major food companies announce plans to roll out GM labeling.

  • Last week, the Senate voted against advancing a federal labeling solution that would have blocked the implementation of Vermont’s upcoming labeling requirements for genetically modified (GM) foods.
  • In the continued absence of a federal labeling fix, major food companies — including Mars, General Mills, Campbell Soup, and Kellogg — have made announcements regarding their roll-out of GM labeling statements on food products in advance of Vermont’s effective date.  Some products are already on shelves bearing statements such as, “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering,” with additional roll-outs slated to come in the months ahead.
  • This action by major food companies provides concrete evidence of the difficult situation in which the food industry finds itself.  It remains to be seen how many additional companies will join in publicizing their own labeling compliance strategies, as compared to those companies who will continue to adopt a wait-and-see approach in the hope of swift action when the Senate returns from recess in April.