Vermont weighs potential delay in enforcement of GM labeling law.

  • As the food industry is well aware, Vermont’s labeling requirements for genetically modified (GM) foods are set to take effect on July 1 of this year, with a six-month “safe harbor” provision thereafter.
  • A media report indicates that the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association (VRGA) — a trade association representing the majority of Vermont food retailers — is publicly supporting an amendment under consideration by the Vermont Senate to delay the private cause of action under the GM labeling law until December 31, 2017.  It does not appear that this delay would change the effective date of the requirements themselves.
  • Although VRGA supports GM labeling as a general premise, the association reportedly believes that delaying the private cause of enforcement will aid in smoother implementation of the new requirements, particularly as many questions remain about labeling mechanics and many labels may not be fully compliant by July 1.  We will continue to monitor and report on any concrete developments that may result in delayed enforcement of the Vermont GM labeling law.