Sen. Bernie Sanders stands in opposition to GM labeling deal.

  • As reported earlier this week, the Senate Agriculture Committee announced a bipartisan deal that would create a national labeling standard for genetically modified (GM) foods while pre-empting conflicting state laws, such as Vermont’s requirements (which take effect this Friday).
  • In an unsurprising move, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has voiced his opposition to the deal.  Media reports indicate that he has put a “hold” on the legislation by initiating a procedural maneuver that requires at least 60 votes for the bill even to be considered by the Senate.
  • Many stakeholders have been watching for indications of when this bill may be introduced, voted on, and ultimately, enacted.  It remains to be seen whether Sanders’ hold will affect the timing and outcome in this case.  At this point in time, it remains virtually impossible to predict if and when the long-awaited deal will become federal law.