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California’s Proposition 12 Challenged on Constitutional Grounds

As our readers may know, in November 2018, California voters passed a ballot initiative known as Proposition 12, which establishes new standards for confinement of certain farm animals and bans the sale of products that do not comply with the new confinement standards. Specifically, Proposition 12 requires that all eggs sold in the state come … Continue Reading

MA Could Become First State to Regulate Containment Conditions for Food Animals

Massachusetts will vote on a ballot initiative that would ban certain means of confining farm animals in the state. Consumers are increasingly demanding ethically-minded foods such as “Cage Free” and “Pasture Raised”.  Coupled with a heightened focus from animal welfare advocacy groups on animal raising conditions, it should come as no surprise that, earlier this summer, … Continue Reading

Cage-Free Kerfuffle

Massachusetts has proposed legislation restricting the sale of eggs to the “cage-free” variety. (subscription to Food Chemical News required) With consumers’ increasing appetite for more ethical food options, a number of food manufacturers are now marketing “cage-free” eggs. States are getting in on the cage-free action as well.  For example, earlier this summer, the Massachusetts Supreme … Continue Reading

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