NuTek Withdraws “Potassium Salt” Citizen Petition

NuTek Food Science—the company that filed a 2016 citizen petition to obtain FDA permission to label potassium chloride as “potassium salt”—has withdrawn its citizen petition.  The company made its decision based on FDA’s recent issuance of draft guidance authorizing the term “potassium chloride salt” as an alternative name for “potassium chloride” on food labels. NuTek’s … Continue Reading

FDA Announces Citizen Petition to Grant Fiber Status to IMO

As our readers are aware, in May 2016, FDA issued final rules to implement changes to the nutrition labeling and serving size regulation. The final rules regarding nutrition labeling established a definition for the term “dietary fiber.” In March 2018, FDA published final guidance on dietary fiber that communicated the Agency’s revised standard of review … Continue Reading

KIND Petitions FDA to Update Nutrient Content Claim Regulations

On March 12, 2019, snack bar producer, KIND, submitted a Citizen Petition to the FDA asking the agency to update the framework for regulating nutrient content claims (NCCs). In sum, the petition requests that FDA consider the overall quality of the food, rather than just the quantity of a certain nutrient when regulating nutritional claims … Continue Reading

ITIF Petitions FDA to Prohibit Non-GMO Claims on Food Labels

A citizen petition filed on September 24, 2018 by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) asked FDA to prohibit “non-GMO” food labeling claims, including the Non-GMO Project butterfly logo and label. ITIF argues in the petition that such claims mislead and deceive consumers about foods, food ingredients, and their characteristics related to health and … Continue Reading

Citizen Petition Filed Requesting FDA Allow Eggs to Be Labeled “Healthy”

As reported previously in the Daily Intake Blog, labeling of foods as “Healthy” has recently elicited strong and varied opinions.  KIND filed a Citizen Petition in December 2015 requesting that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revisit the definition of “healthy” to take into account present-day scientific understanding about the health benefits of many nutrient-dense … Continue Reading

FDA Delays Decision on Plant-Based Milk Labeling Petition

As previously reported on this blog, there is an ongoing debate on whether the use of the term “milk” by manufacturers of plant-based products—such as soy milk and almond milk—is a violation of milk’s standard of identity. On one side of the debate, the dairy industry has called on FDA to crack down on the … Continue Reading

Nonprofit Group Tells FDA High-Sugar Foods Should Not Bear “Healthy” Claims

The Union of Concerned Scientists has petitioned FDA to establish “disqualifying levels” of added sugars that would prohibit use of “healthy” labeling. (subscription to Law 360 required) “Healthy” claims on foods continue to trend as a perennial hot topic in the food industry.  By way of background, FDA regulations prescribe qualifying criteria for foods to bear … Continue Reading

Campbell Soup and Others Support Petition to Allow the Term ‘Potassium Salt’ on Ingredient Labels

As reported on this blog previously, comments on a citizen petition from NuTek Food Science, LLC requesting that FDA recognize “potassium salt” as an alternate name for potassium chloride were due last month. Campbell Soup Company and more than 15 other companies and organizations submitted comments supporting the petition. Among the reasons provided by the … Continue Reading

Antibiotic Ire: Groups Petition FDA to Limit Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

NRDC and six other advocacy groups have petitioned FDA, requesting the withdrawal of approvals for several medically important antibiotics in livestock and poultry. For years, FDA, USDA, and various stakeholders have grappled with how to address concerns about the use of medically important antibiotics to promote growth or feed efficiency in food-producing animals.  For example, in … Continue Reading

Salty Situation: Salt Institute Slams “Potassium Salt” Petition

FDA’s approval of a “potassium salt” citizen petition could represent a potential windfall for potassium chloride manufacturers while assisting food companies in complying with FDA’s goal of reducing sodium consumption.   On June 26, 2016, NuTek Food Science, LLC petitioned FDA to recognize “potassium salt” as an alternate name for potassium chloride, noting that although potassium … Continue Reading

Kind of Healthy

Citizen Petition requests that FDA update its definition of “healthy.” FDA has established qualifying criteria for foods to bear the claim that they are “healthy” (including related terms) (21 CFR 101.65(d)).  Among other factors, a “healthy” food generally must contain 3 grams or less of total fat per serving and 1 gram or less of saturated … Continue Reading

FDA Tables GM Labels

FDA denies Citizen Petition requesting mandatory labeling of foods derived from GM crops. In recent weeks, there has been significant FDA activity related to the regulation of genetically modified (GM) foods and ingredients.  Specifically, the Agency recently issued new guidance on GM labeling; approved the first GM animal for human consumption; and requested comments on its … Continue Reading

Assault on Salt

Consumer advocacy group sues FDA to compel Agency action on sodium. Sodium reduction has been a hot topic for many years, with average dietary intakes remaining higher than the recommended value of 2,300 mg/day (or 1,500 mg/day for certain at-risk groups).  The food industry has embarked on voluntary efforts to reduce sodium levels in processed … Continue Reading

Ingredient GMPs Revisited

Organic & Natural Health Association files Citizen Petition to request application of dietary supplement GMPs to ingredient suppliers. As previously covered on this blog, the Organic & Natural Health Association (ONHA) has indicated its interest in seeing FDA extend the application of current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations in 21 CFR Part 111 (which apply to finished dietary … Continue Reading

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