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New York City, Ohio, and Maine Crackdown on Food Products with CBD

City and state officials in New York, Ohio, and Maine have placed embargoes on food products containing cannabidiol (CBD).  The embargoes, which appear to have all begun in January, require restaurants and retailers to remove all CBD-containing food products from their shelves and prohibit their sale.  In all three jurisdictions, however, restaurants and retailers were … Continue Reading

New York City Considers Warnings for Restaurant Foods High in Added Sugar

Following on its 2015 sodium warning regulation, New York City is considering a bill that would require chain restaurants to display a warning symbol and related text next to menu offerings that are high in added sugar.  “Added sugar” is defined as “sugars and syrups put into foods during preparation or processing.” The bill, which … Continue Reading

Industry Groups Sue NYC to Block Menu Labeling Enforcement

In 2008, New York City passed the first calorie disclosure rule for restaurants and in 2015, the city amended the rule to match federal requirements (for more information on the federal requirements, see the KHlaw.com article, FDA Issues Final Rules on Menu and Vending Machine Nutrition Labeling Requirements.) As we reported on this blog, FDA … Continue Reading

NYC Wins Battle Over Sodium Warning Reqs

As previously covered on this blog, on September 9, 2015, NYC health officials voted unanimously to adopt the nation’s first sodium warning requirement.  The rule, which went into effect on December 1, 2015, applies to all restaurants that are part of chains with more than 15 locations nationwide.  Restaurants are required to display a salt shaker icon … Continue Reading

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